Berry Fizz

2 oz. Bacardi Razz Flavored Rum 4 oz. Freshies Margarita Mix, “Strawberry-Kiwi” Splash of Club

Lime Rickey

1 ½ oz. Gin 4 oz. Freshies Fresh Lime Margarita Mix 1 oz. Club Soda


2 oz. White Extra Dry Rum (Flor de Cana or Bacardi) 4 oz. Freshies Mojito

Freshies Tomato Soup

This soup can be frozen in small portions for later enjoyment. 32 oz. Freshies Original

Telluride Chili

2 lbs. Spicy Sausage (Italian hot or Chorizo) 2 lbs. Hamburger 1 Bottle Freshies Hot

Tailgate Bloody Hot

1 cup Vodka 5 cups Freshies Hot Mary Bloody Mary Mix 1 10 oz. can

Sunset Plaza

The perfect poolside libation. 1 Serving Prepare well in advance of serving time. In a

Spicy Margarita Shrimp

¼ c. Freshies Fresh Lime Margarita Mix 2 T. Vegetable oil 1 Chipotle in adobo,

Smokin’ Maria

2 oz. Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal “Chichicapa” 3 oz. Freshies Original Bloody Mary Mix