Why should I buy Freshies mixes?

As with many things in life, you get what you pay for. The Freshies product line is a premium, gourmet cocktail mix brand. It contains fresh vegetables, herbs, and juices, and each bottle is meticulously made from scratch. The label itself displays the quality image in which the company takes pride. Just as with single malt scotches or microbrews, premium products are hand-crafted and a better value for your dollar than their mass-produced industrial counterparts.

-How can the mixes be all-natural?
Because Freshies Food Corporation takes pride in using only fresh vegetables, juices, and herbs for all the mixes, Freshies is considered all-natural by accounts such as Wild Oats, Alfalfa’s, and select Whole Foods. The Bloody Mary mixes do contain “caramel color”, an ingredient that is considered artificial by the FDA; however, the caramel color is derived entirely from burnt sugar, so natural foods stores do not consider it artificial.