Hemp CBD for Hangovers?

Are CBD and Hemp Extracts Good for Hangovers?

cbd for hangoversWe want to make it very clear that we are NOT making ANY claims as to the health benefits of CBD and/or hemp extracts. Until the FDA officially declares CBD a nutritional or dietary supplement, which will hopefully happen any day now, we would rather play it safe and tow the line. However, what we can do is encourage you to educate yourself on the subject and form your own opinion on the matter. The best teacher is experience too, so give our new CBD cocktail mixers a try and let us know what you think!

In the meantime, here’s a bit of interesting literature we were able to dig up online which talks about how CBD and hemp extracts can (possibly) help to prevent and remedy the effects of a hangover…

CBD & Hemp Extracts: The Ultimate Hangover Remedy?

Did you know that CBD and hemp extracts can be a hangover’s worst enemy? Apparently, it’s true!

Although it hasn’t yet been widely publicized, for reasons I can’t fathom, there’s a growing mountain of proof as well as a plethora of anecdotal evidence suggesting that CBD and hemp extracts can actually help to prevent and overcome the effects of a hangover. Not to mention there’s a strong following of passionate believers, all of whom swear as to the effectiveness of this all-natural remedy, so perhaps you should try it for yourself and form your own opinion. But in the meantime, here are some facts for you to consider:

CBD & Hemp Extracts as a Hangover Preventative

First off, CBD has no psychoactive properties, like the THC found in marijuana does, so if you consume it you don’t have to worry about it amplifying or augmenting the effects of your drinking. Which is important, because nobody like a sloppy drunk!

Secondly, CBD has shown to actually mitigate the effects and risks of alcohol consumption by lowering toxicity levels in the blood stream. A study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology saw that participants who consumed both alcohol and CBD had significantly lower blood alcohol levels than the control group, indicating that CBD helped to moderate the absorption of alcohol in the blood and helped the subject’s body to process it more efficiently.

Another study published in the medical journal Pharmacology, Biochemistry & Behavior tested the effects of CBD on “binge-drinking” rodents. More specifically, they were looking to study the effects that CBD had on alcohol-induced neurodegeneration, and what they found was that CBD successfully reduced neurodegeneration by over 50%, meaning that it helped to shield and protect brain cells from the harmful deterioration caused by consuming massive amounts of alcohol. Now, that’s not an excuse to be a full-blown alcoholic, but it is nice to know!

Yet another 2014 study in the journal Free Radical Biology & Medicine found that CBD could also assist in preventing fatty liver disease (or hepatic steatosis), and help to fight other alcohol-induced liver problems like fibrosis as well. Some say that taking CBD while drinking is sort of like taking Tylenol or Ibuprofin, because the benefits are similar, but unlike those other NSAIDs, CBD won’t do any harm to your liver.

CBD & Hemp Extracts as a Hangover Remedy

Unfortunately, sometimes there’s very little you can do to avoid a hangover, no matter how hard you try. That’s just the nature of the beast. So sometimes you may need a good pick-me-up, like on January 1st or on the day after St. Patty’s. Well, CBD may be able to help you with that too.

What is a hangover, really? What we call a hangover is actually just your body being super dehydrated and your internal systems trying their best to process and expel the toxins which made you “inTOXICated” in the first place. While CBD will not rehydrate you in any way, unless you take it with water, it can help you to relieve the symptoms of a hangover once they’ve set in.

Amongst those typical symptoms, CBD can be an effective remedy for headaches, dizziness, and nausea. Studies have shown that CBD works to activate a “monoamine neurotransmitter” in the brain called 5-HT1A which is known to reduce the sensation of nausea. Headaches, which are most often caused by the dilation of blood vessels, can also be treated with CBD, which holds significant neuroprotective properties and can help to ease the dilation of those vessels.

Given these facts, it’s no wonder why CBD is now finding its way into mainstream pharmacology, or why it’s become a such huge growing trend with consumers across the globe. Overall, it’s an amazing all-natural nutraceutical, and once the word gets out that it’s a great hangover remedy as well, oh boy look out!


By JR Hindman (Posted 3/20/2019)