Freshies Tomato Soup

This soup can be frozen in small portions for later enjoyment.
32 oz. Freshies Original Bloody Mary Mix, shaken
4-5 14oz cans Hunts all natural plain chopped tomatoes, depending on how tomatoey the flavor you want
1 14oz. can Swanson’s all natural chicken broth
1 small onion chopped and 1 cup celery chopped and sautéed in ¼ cup butter
1 pint half and half or cream

In a blender, puree chopped tomatoes and cooked onion mix with a cup of Freshies. Put all ingredients, except the cream, in a large stovetop pan and bring to a low boil. Add cream, reheat, and enjoy.

For a spicier version use the Freshies Hot Mary Bloody Mary Mix.

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