Margarita Fresh Rimz™

Lime-infused Margarita rimming salt

The perfect compliment to our margarita mixes.

Available Sizes: 4.41 oz. / 125 Grams

Price: $5.99

Looking for the perfect complement to our Margarita? Try our all new Margarita Fresh Rimz - Lime infused salt. Perfect with any of our Freshies Lime Margarita mixes.

Freshies Fresh Rimz™ are all-natural infused Salts, Sugars, Herbs & Spices specifically designed for your favorite Freshies cocktails.  No artificial colors or anti-caking agents means you can't make a more complete, better tasting all-natural Freshies cocktail, guaranteed!

For the perfect Freshies Margarita: Rim your cocktail glass, combine 1.5 oz. Anejo Tequilla, .5 oz. Grand Marnier(R), and 4 oz. of any Freshies Margarita Mix in a pint glass over ice.  Shake for 15 seconds (or blend in blender).  Pour into a salted margarita glass and garnish with a wedge of fresh lime.  Enjoy!

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Natural Lime Flavor, and Lime Powder

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