Lemon Squeeze

Use in Margaritas, Amaretto or Whiskey Sours, or the perfect Hard Lemonade!

Available Sizes: 32oz and 64oz Bottles

Price: $7.99

Whiskey sours on a hot summer day...this wonderful thought prompted us to blend fresh-squeezed lemon juice and granulated whole sugar without coloring, preservatives, or corn syrup. Lemon Squeeze is the connoisseur's choice for REAL Sweet-n-Sour. Use in margaritas, amaretto sours, or with your favorite citrus vodka for the perfect hard lemonade. Contains 16.6% fruit juice.

For the perfect Freshies Whiskey Sour: Combine 1 part small-batch bourbon with 3 parts Freshies Sweet-n-Sour Mix over ice. Shake or stir for 5 seconds. Pour into a highball glass. Garnish with an orange peel and a bourbon-soaked cherry. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Water, granulated sugar, fresh lemon juice, orange juice, citric acid, natural flavor, ascorbic acid.

* Shake contents well - Separation is natural - Refrigerate after opening

* Fresh-squeezed juices naturally darken in color over time

* Flavor and food safety are not compromised

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sbaggs  (Friday, 24 June 2011)
This has to be the best Sweet N Sour mixes I have ever tried. I am a huge Margarita fan and squeeze my own limes, this just adds the sweetness a
little bit of lime flavor that can make your Marg rock.rnrnYou guys just need to improve your US distribution. Ordering online and paying $15.00 for
shipping is almost a non-starter, I paid it anyway, so I am not sure what I am talking about.

paulnlynn  (Sunday, 20 March 2011)
Without a doubt, this is the best sweet & sour mix available commercially, including other "gourmet" mixes. Tastes like homemade without
all the mess of squeezing the fruit, straining the pulp, and mixing in the sugar. Wish it was available locally, but I'll have to settle for online
ordering until it is!

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