About Us

The Freshies Story…

Freshies started in Telluride, Colorado in 1994. A chef and a bartender created a Bloody Mary Mix that became famous throughout the ski towns of Colorado. In 1995, the two began bottling the mix under the “Bridal Veil Bloody Mary Mix” label. Bridal Veil is the waterfall at the end of Telluride’s box canyon; incidentally, the name “Freshies” originally referred to skiing fresh powder turns, but today represents the fresh ingredients in all of Freshies’ products. Their product sold in liquor stores and specialty shops, and a company was born.

Today, Freshies makes 18 award winning cocktail mixes, 4 cocktail rimming blends, 4 award winning hot sauces, and a Colorado Style BBQ Sauce and has products available in over 30 states. Freshies also private labels and develops cocktail mixes, hot sauces, and cocktail rimming blends for a number of high profile clients throughout the U.S.

For the truly inquisitive… here’s a graphical history of Freshies.